We Buy Your Amazon Brand

Who We Are

We are the leading acquirer and operator of European Amazon-first brands

We target great brands with amazing products in high-growth niches to acquire, operate and grow using our vast experience acquiring and scaling businesses while leveraging our knowledge of the Amazon eco-system

Sell Your BRAND

It takes less than 2 months!

Our team has a wealth of experience analyzing and acquiring FBA Brands and growing digital businesses. We will inform you if your business is a match and provide you with a Letter of Intent in less than a week

Our due diligence process takes less than 1 month, after which we will have a full picture of your business and finances. We are transparent and will share this information with you so that you can make the best decision for youself and your brand

The last step is the easiest: if successful, we will go through the standard legal procedures and wire you the funds to complete the deal

Brands We Target

Stellar Products

Your Products stand out from the pack with loads of rave reviews and amazing ratings

Digitally Native

Your brand was born and has grown its reputation online. Amazon FBA is still your main sales channel even though other channels may have already started showing potential

Exciting Market

You have identified and focused on a market which is growing consistently. This market attends to a certain tribe that can rally around your brand

Growing SMBs

You have sold between €500k and €20m on Amazon over the last 12 months with solid growth versus the previous 12 months

Why Us

Fast And Efficient

Our process takes less than 2 months from the moment you contact us until we wire you the funds

Customer Obsessed

We are customer obsessed and in this process the customer is you! We do all the heavy lifting and make the process frictionless for you


We know what it takes to build a great brand and grow it. We genuinely care about your business and are committed to continue building on your legacy

We are a team of experienced investors and operators

Large experience building & scaling digital brands in Europe and a deep understanding of the Amazon eco-system
We are backed by a group of first-class investors with relevant experience in e-commerce and growing companies

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